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Following and extensive health history, physical examination and a review of any past medical records, a diagnosis will be given and a treatment plan will be recommended.

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Chiropractic care is unique in that chiropractors are trained to identify the cause of your musculoskeletal condition and formulate an individualized treatment plan to help patients recover as quickly as possible.

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Custom Orthodics

Walking. Running. Jumping. Your body is in motion for a significant portion of every day. Your feet are supporting your every movement during a wide array of activities from work, to evening workouts in the local gym, or just shopping at the grocery store.

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Restoration & Regeneration

The Role of Chiropractic in Sport
By Russ Ebbets, D.C.

In some circles the role of chiropractic care for treatment of athletic injuries is unclear. If chiropractors do taping what does the athletic trainer do? And if the chiropractor acts as the team physician what does the medical doctor do? In fact most athletic trainers and medical doctors don’t have a good idea what the chiropractor can do which presents a real problem, especially if that person acts as the gatekeeper to the athletic event.

Restoration and regeneration are two European concepts of health care that athletic coaches have used for decades to speed recovery and enhance performance. Most American coaches, familiar with European training methods, use some form of restoration and regeneration in their long range training plan. Anything that can speed recovery will allow the athlete to train harder, more often and more safely, all combining to enhance performance over the course of time.

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